About us

We are graduates, with distinction, of the Music Academy in Lodz and from the University of the Arts in Bremen (Jolanta Ziemska – piano, Maciej Ziemski – guitar).
In addition to regular performances and concert tours, we are also dedicated teachers and have an intensive weekly teaching schedule. For further information about our performances, competitions and scholarships, please visit our website: www.klavitarre.com

We also have extensive experience in organizing German and Polish music festivals for children and youthful players, which take place in both countries.

In the past, we have organized eight international music festivals in Poland and in Bremen we were have co-organized two. The festivals in Bremen have, so far, taken place at the University of the Arts.
In 2016, together with the German-Polish Society, we organized another music festival.

We attach great importance to the promotion of young talented musicians and for this reason we have created an organization that brings together young artists from Poland and Germany. After numerous conversations with experienced personalities from the cultural and political world, familiar with the management of cultural institutions, we decided to initiate the above organization.