New Year ConcertIII. GERMAN – POLISH FESTIVALMusic workshops, June 15, 2019Charity Event


Bremen, 6- 11 September 2019


Music workshops, June 15, 2019

Bürgerhaus Obervieland, Bremen


Charity Event

12.3.2019 Grand Atlantic Hotel, Bremen


Music awakes in the heart the desire for good deeds


Welcome to the website of The  Association for Young Musicians from Germany and Poland e.V.
We are pleased that you are interested in our organization and invite you to get to know more about our diversified program for musically oriented children and young people. At the heart of our association we support the principle – in a material and ideal way – of encouraging both young and talented individual personalities!
Everyone interested has the opportunity to support us!!
In this way music can enrich, inspire and accompany us all of our lives.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Board Director:
Maciej Ziemski 

About us

We are graduates, with distinction, of the Music Academy in Lodz and from the University of the Arts in Bremen (Jolanta Ziemska – piano, Maciej Ziemski – guitar). 
In addition to regular performances and concert tours, we are also dedicated teachers and have an intensive weekly teaching schedule. For further information about our performances, competitions and scholarships, please visit our website:


About the Association

The Association for Young Musicians from Germany and Poland e.V. was founded on January 7th 2017, with the main goal of guiding musically talented children and young people and promote their education. 




New Year Concert

Bremen, 5.1.2020



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The  Association for Young Musicians
from Germany and Poland e.V.
Board Director: Maciej Ziemski 
Hermann Lange Str. 14
28279 Bremen\Germany
Tel: +49 421 2219027
Mobil: +49 (0) 17623296607